TINUKIB Foundation Inc., (TFI) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that provides marketing services to micro-entrepreneurs is a subsidiary company of Taytay Sa Kauswagan, Inc. (TSKI). Seeing the need to help alleviate these people from poverty, TFI was purposely instituted to provide market access to these micro entrepreneurial poor, in order to help improve their enterprises. TFI envisions being catalyst to change in seeing these enterprises to be self-sufficient someday.

TFI has been in operations for the past three (3) years. It has provided the Ilonggo community a premier pasalubong center where TSKI client producers and other Ilonggo producers can showcase their craft. It has linked these producers’ products not only to the local market but to the international market.

The core of Tinukib is more than just rediscovering the rich culture of the Ilonggos and what it has to offer globally, but also the worthier cause to help communities and make a difference to the dynamic social enterprises it supports.

Each Tinukib product is made with a story from the heart. It depicts the journey of each product from the home of its producer to the showroom, giving a glimpse into the very heart of the Ilonggo community.

As of this year TFI has a total number of one hundred forty (140) client producers and communties within Western Visayas and other parts of the Philippines which has been provided with assistance in promoting and marketing their products. TFI is also assisting in product development to improve the quality and design of its producers’ products in order for them to enter new markets.

Together with TSKI, business development services are made available to clients and local producers. TSKI has a design and packaging center to assist in the improvement of product labels and packaging needs. It also prides the use of a technology in helping assess these micro enterprises — the Specialized Advisory Program. This is designed to diagnose the different aspects of the enterprise that needs to be given attention. Consultants then are provided to address these problems to improve the over-all operations of their enterprises.

We believe that local producers are not only provided with market opportunities, but an avenue to improve and develop their products. TINUKIB will continue to innovate and will provide business development services in order to put the enterprises of micro entrepreneurs to a higher level. It may not be an overnight process but with the partnership and collaboration of both the private and government agencies and with the guidance of our Lord, nothing would be impossible.

So buy local and make a difference in the lives of these micro entrepreneurs.